Consulting Services to help you advertise your own business online ~ Facebook Marketing, Google, Linkedin, and more.

Personal One on One consulting service to teach you how to market your own business online using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and other social media marketing avenues. Our consulting sessions will share with you the marketing secrets of online marketing used by the best of techniques used by Social 

Media managers of Fortune 500 companies. 

Custom Audience Approach

Social Media Audience

Our consulting service will assist you in growing your very own custom audience. Who better to hear your marketing messages than those in your local marketing area that have a desire for you services? We'll teach you state-of-the-art search techniques, that will  grow a custom audience that meets your business prospect’s needs. This outlet in turn becomes your personal branding and marketing tool to share your business message to the audience that matters.

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One on One Consulting Service

Do it yourself, advertising your business online. Facebook, Google and other online marketing sources have made it easy for you to do all the marketing of your business online. My Online Media Manager offers One on One counsulting services that will teach you how to do this for your company in the most cost effiecent way. We'll teach you techniques that are used by the top Social Media managers nationwide. We'll also help you save time and money on your advertising while making the most effective ads possible in Social Media.